Where do I go to learn more?

Check out our sources here for additional information about natural methods.

FertilityCare Centers of America

At this site you will find your local FertilityCare practitioner, physicians trained in NaPro technology, and studies about how the method works. Also, if you are interested in becoming a FertilityCare Practitioner this website is a great starting point for you!

One More Soul

A Catholic site with great resources including a list of NFP friendly doctors and instructors in your area.

Natural Womanhood

A great secular source for more information about natural methods. They also have a quiz on their site to help you figure out what method would be best for you.


A group of physicians who have come together to teach medical professionals about Natural Family Planning and Fertility Awareness Methods.

Couple to Couple League

This organization teaches the sympto-thermal method and has a great blog that talks about NFP (FABMs) from a Catholic perspective. They also have a quarterly magazine that contains great articles with helpful tips for those of us who are walking this journey of faith in our marriages.

Natural FertilityCare

Visit our blog for real talk about NFP, the struggles and the joys! Our primary focus is to walk alongside couples who use NFP but we also want to help those who are not familiar with natural methods to get questions answered.

Endo What?

Have you, or someone you love, been diagnosed with endometriosis? This site is for you! They have recently released a new documentary that dispels myths about endometriosis as well as the treatments prescribed by a lot of doctors.