Do you want to get healthy but struggle to take that first step?

Or perhaps you are struggling to figure out what that next step is? Do you need someone to guide you? Have you been successful at making changes in the past when you had accountability?

Then this is the class for you!

Module Videos

Prerecorded videos that you can watch on your own time at your own pace!

Group Calls

Q & A calls and a book discussion to help you keep learning, growing, and troubleshooting!

Meal Plans

Helping you hit the ground running with jumpstarting some healthy meals and kitchen habits.

Accountability Groups

Small groups to cheer you on, help you do better, and pray you through the hard stuff!

Unlock your potential and start feeling better!


$2501 On 1 Online Session

Whether you are ready to commit to nutritional therapy, or if you are on the fence, this initial  consultation will help you move forward in your health journey.

The first step in working with me for Nutritional Therapy is scheduling your initial consultation! We will meet and review your food and mood journal, nutritional assessment questionnaire, and health history. We will examine medications and supplements you are taking and look at next steps. I will send you the paperwork in a separate email and  have you fill it all out before our meeting.

You will walk away from this session with a greater understanding of how all the pieces of your health journey have impacted what you’re going through right now. I will give you recommendations and a customized package for how best you can work with me, what tests I would recommend running, and next steps in your health journey. You’ll also get discounted rates for any Group Classes.

I look forward to meeting you and learning how I can help support you in your health journey!

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Do you want someone to help you sort through the noise of nutrition advice?

There is so much confusing advice out there! In this course we are going to take it back to basics! Let's talk about things we can all do to clean up how we eat, and what we eat, to improve overall health.


When are the group calls?

The schedule of calls given as soon as you sign up.

What if I can’t join the weekly calls?

No problem! You can send your questions in advance and we will discuss them in our weekly calls. And they are always recorded for you to watch whenever works!

Who is this class for?

Anyone who wants to improve their overall health! Beginning in January of 2024 there will be themes with each offering of the group class. Including Balancing hormones over 40; weight loss, navigating energy levels, & more!, Infertility; how to support your body for optimal hormonal health, Mother daughter; let’s learn how to take care of our bodies for long term optimal health, and Weight loss! I’m so excited to deep dive into specific topics with you ladies!

How long does it run?

8 weeks

If I am not interested in improving fertility can this class still help me?

Yes! We will be talking covering general nutrition advice that will be helpful for people of all ages regardless if they are trying to improve fertility or not.

How much does the class cost?

The cost is $475. And flexible payment options are available. (Also, if you meet with Rita for an Initial Consultation you get a $200 discount off of the group class.)

What is different about this class?

So think of the group class as a way to filter through the noise about nutrition advice. It was designed so you can understand how your body works, what you can do to improve how you feel day to day, and where to go to learn more. Reading the book, having meal plans, and doing a sugar detox is all a part of that as well. The group calls will be spent answering your quesitons and troubleshooting things together. And accountability! There will be small accountability groups that will help follow through with implementing the changes, pray for each other, etc. 

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