What is nutritional therapy and how can it help me? In nutritional therapy we, “look at the big picture rather than focusing on the symptoms accompanying an issue. This means that a symptom is not viewed as the actual “problem”, but as an indication of an imbalance in the physiological foundations.”( Nutritional Therapy Association) In practice this means that we dig deeper to determine where there is a foundational imbalance that needs to be addressed. In this way we can help clients reduce inflammation, understand how their body functions optimally, and identify bio-individual recommendations. This is in contrast to modern medicine’s approach that tends to focus more on managing symptoms.

What are the foundations of health? In Nutritional Therapy we talk about the foundations of health. They are the six foundations that when supported can help improve a myriad of health issues; nutrient dense whole foods diet, digestion, blood sugar regulation, mineral balance, fatty acids, and hydration. This approach is how we look at the big picture and is what is meant by holistic health care.

Who can benefit from nutritional therapy? Anyone who has chronic, or occasional, symptoms that are not being addressed. Perhaps you have been made to feel that the signs and symptoms that are bothering you are not important. But you are still struggling to feel healthy, energetic, and mentally present. Or you have extra weight that just won’t budge, and you aren’t sleeping. Perhaps you have feel tired in the middle of the day, or are uncomfortable going too far away from the bathroom. Then nutritional therapy is right for you! We will dig deeper into the symptoms you bring to us and may also uncover other symptoms that are communicating to you how your body needs additional support.

What does it look like to work with Rita as a nutritional therapy practitioner? We would meet for a series of remote one-on-one sessions. Through our time together we will identify and correct foundational imbalances through targeted dietary and lifestyle recommendations. All recommendations and dietary changes are bio-individual. (Have you ever had the experience of trying the latest diet craze? But then you discover that what is helping everyone else lose weight is making you feel terrible, and gain weight? If so then, you will understand why everything we recommend is bio-individual, tailored specifically to your body and health goals.) *Information on pricing coming soon.*

What does this have to do with fertility? Everything!! For more information check out my blog post here about how Nutritional Therapy is related to fertility and charting.