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With one-on-one appointments you will grow to understand your body better than you ever have before!

Based on Scientific Principles

The Creighton Model method is built on solid scientific research and was developed by an OBGYN. The research has been published in several peer reviewed medical journals. 2


When using the method to avoid a pregnancy, it is 96.8% effective! 1


Due to the standardization of the method, physicians trained in NaPro technology are able to gain valuable insight into the woman’s charting and guide them in diagnostic testing.

About the Creighton Model

The Creighton Model is a prospective mucus only method. As you chart you learn if each day is a day of fertility or infertility. The follow up schedule is designed in a way that you learn with rapid confidence how to chart your cycles. The introductory session is $85 per couple to attend, and if you decide to learn the method you will also purchase the fertility kit at that time. The cost for this is $45. The follow up sessions are when the charting is taught and cost $85 per meeting. Below is the schedule of learning for the method. Keep in mind not everyone will need all 8 follow ups in the first year of learning.

Are you a single woman interested in charting? Wonderful! Keep in mind, when looking at the follow up schedule you may only need 3-4 follow ups to be confident in your observations.

Creighton Model Follow-Up Schedule

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Infertility and the Creighton Model

When is the ideal time to start charting?

The ideal time to begin charting is now! Regardless  of your state in life (single, dating, engaged, married) if you are postpartum, pre-menopause, post pill, in irregular cycles, regular cycles, or even if you are pregnant (some women want to begin learning before baby comes) right now is the best time to get started! When we meet for the follow up sessions we give you all the information you need to be able to use the method for all the different states of your reproductive life.

Get started today

Maybe you are new to NFP (FABMs) or looking to try a different method. Perhaps you are avoiding a pregnancy, for now, would like to get to the root cause of your infertility, or want to get to the root cause of why you are having painful irregular cycles. We would love to help you understand your fertility. We feel confident you will begin to know your body in a way you never have before! Contact us today!

Having problems with your period?

Check out my Cycle Care Companion Program! It is a module based program that will help you navigate how to know when things go wrong with your cycles, what those symptoms mean, and how to support your body! Grab the first module for free!