Cycle Care
Navigating Challenging

Ever find yourself wondering is this normal?

Or maybe you have never dared to ask the question. Because you were afraid it is and that there is nothing that you can do about it. But there is SO much that I see women suffer too needlessly. That’s why I created this program. Because I want to help women to know what is normal and what is not. And what they can do about helping yourself feel better!!

Have you been told to go on "the pill?"

The single most common answer we are given when we go to the doctor for a problem with our menstrual cycle is to go on contraception either “the pill” or an IUD. But this is the WORST thing you can do. Grab my Faithful Flow guide and I’ll tell you why!! 

Do you find yourself dreading that time of the month?

Girl, it should not be this way! There is so much we can do to support our bodies and get relief. Your menstruation is a sign of health and we need to dive deeper into what is going on. This program will help you do just that.

Find yourself wondering what you can do to support your cycles?

This guide was made for you! Faithful Flow will help you understand the gift that your cycle is and what you can do to support your health by relying on the information your cycle gives us. 

Are you currently suffering from...

- Painful periods

If you are stopping your life due to pain you experience during your period we need to talk! That means somethings wrong and we need to dive deeper to find out what your body is telling us!

- Missing cycles

Hormones are beneficial for your overall health. If we are not cycling we need to do everything we can to find out WHY?

- PMS symptoms

Not feeling well 3 days or more before your period? There is so much we can do to support your health! Don’t ignore the signs your body is giving you.

Cycle Care Companion

The period guide that will answer questions you didn't know you had about menstruation!