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Nutritional Therapy & FertilityCare

What could diet, nutrition, and general lifestyle habits possibly have to do with charting and fertility? Aren’t our stomach and our reproductive organs two entirely different things? How could they possibly impact each other? I know I have a little issue with my energy levels, discomfort with my digestion, PMS, (insert symptom here) but what […]

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Teens and Charting

Why would we recommend teaching tween and teenage girls how to chart their cycles? Can charting help girls who are experiencing irregular cycles? Painful PMS? Excessively heavy flow? Abnormal bleeding? Absolutely, yes! I have witnessed it happen when young girls learn about their cycles and understand what is going on throughout the month that a […]

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Who uses NFP?

Natural Family Planning or Fertility Awareness Based Methods, are growing in popularity but you might be wondering who actually uses these methods. And the answer might surprise you. Single women who are looking to get to the root cause of reproductive health problems, or simply looking to learn more about their bodies. Charting cycles is […]

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Six Months of Creighton

Sometimes a couple is looking for a method that is trusted, nurtures their relationship, and falls in line with their faith, and is astonished to find out that such a method really does exist! Hey it’s Kelsey! Recently, my husband and I just finished charting my sixth cycle with Creighton (meaning we have filled out […]

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