Hi! I’m Rita Johnson, I’ve been married to the love of my life, Ben, since 2006. We have been blessed with five sweet babies. I am passionate about helping women take their health back into their own hands! I help equip them to understand why women need more than pills, devices, and surgeries. This desire to be an advocate for others is what led me to become certified to teach the Creighton Model and pursuing additional training as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

My hope is that through my website, and working with me, you will find resources, and conversations, that help you discover God’s plan for your health and wholeness in a world hungry for more.

So let’s get healthy!!

Every woman deserves a healthy cycle!

All women deserve to have a healthy cycle: free from pills, devices, and pain and problematic symptoms. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to concieve or not. Your cycle is a vital sign of overall health and is important!

Your body's ability to heal is greater than you have been led to believe!

Whether your goal is to optimize fertility, or live a life more fully alive, your body can heal itself. We are so often led to believe that once things go wrong with our health we must resign ourselves to it from here on out. But I want to challenge that belief in your mind. I invite you to start feeling better today!

You deserve more!

Authentic health care is giving you the resources you need to be able to take your health back into your own hands! How we eat, handle stress, and think about health are all critical to our overall health. So let’s stop settling for bandaid solutions. Let’s start feeling better. YOU deserve more!

Let them speak for us!

Rita is amazing! She is a wealth of information and such a sweet and comforting person to be around. When I came to her I had such low energy I could barely function and couldn’t care for my kids. Within the first DAY of following her suggestions I started to improve. It was sometimes slow but steady improvement, and now at the end of the program I am back to my baseline of health. She also connected me to other healthcare professionals that have been helpful as well. If you’re on the fence about working with her, I’d encourage you to go for it. The value is definitely there!
This experience was really life-changing! It is crazy to see how just a few changes to your everyday dietary habits can make a HUGE difference in your overall hormonal health, cycle regularity, and gut health! Rita was so supportive, understanding, patient, and informative with me as I learned more about the process of healing my gut and also getting my cycle back on track.
I normally eat well and live a healthy lifestyle but the nutritional package has opened up new routes that I have not seen before. I'm thankful for Rita for showing my wife and I how we can make a few small changes in our diet to have a big impact on our lifestyle! I definitely recommend this to anyone looking to make a few small changes with a big impact!
“Rita was recommended by friends of ours. She's amazing and has helped us so much. Love her!!”
— Krysta
“7 years ago, after 3 miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy, Rita shared information with me about Creighton fertility care. She was compassionate, kind and knowledgeable. While working with Rita I became pregnant and thanks to her and a Creighton doctor, we identified my health problems and were able to save my son. They literally saved his life. Rita is amazing and I recommend her to everyone I know.”
— Adrienne
“Approaching chronic health issues, however major or minor, is a daunting task. Dietary issues can be complex and sorting through them alone is almost impossible! Rita is an excellent listener and her concrete, practical advice has been of great help to me.”
— Amanda
“I’ve been struggling with chronic pains for two years now that have only gotten worse with the birth of my first child. It’s been increasingly hard to function with daily life and chores. Rita has assisted me in finding some places to start to make a difference. After following her advice from our first two sessions, I have increased energy and have decreased the tension and pains in my body greatly. She has helped me to see my next step and assisted me in gaining control over my own body again. I look forward to our future sessions and all of the good to come.”
— Kay
“My cycle was difficult to make sense from, and I didn’t pick up the charting too naturally. Yet Rita was patient and persistent and we eventually started to see some trends to figure out how to interpret my body’s unique behavior. She also had helpful recommendations for me regarding supplementation and additional resources or specialists. Although family planning wasn’t my primary reason for charting, when I did decide to get pregnant, I recognized I was probably in my fertile window, and sure enough, conceived on the first attempt. Rita’s estimated due date was slightly different than the date derived via the cookie-cutter calculation used by doctors offices. But my first ultrasound aligned the baby’s development with a due date that exactly matched Rita’s estimate. Even though it was a rocky start, there is obviously some stock to this method and it could even be applied to a challenging cycle like mine!”
— A.
Rita is amazing and really helps personalize your sessions to your needs.
Rita deserves at least a 10* rating but a 5 is as high as it will let me go. Her sweet, compassionate and optimistic personality makes her more than just a fertility care practitioner. My husband and I felt comfortable from the start and after our first meeting with her, we immediately saw how confident she is about the CM System. She is passionate about helping couples understand the woman's cycle and I really like how she includes my husband in the meetings as well. She works around our schedules and always takes time with us to make sure we both understand everything we went over. Rita is simply the best and I'd recommend her time and time again!
Lisa and Michael