We are Ben and Rita Johnson, we’ve been married for 12 years with four sweet babies at our side. Natural family planning (NFP) has been a passion of ours since our engagement 13 years ago. Our belief is that NFP is the healthiest way to plan a family. It will strengthen your marriage in ways you cannot imagine and ask you to look deep inside and grow in virtue. NFP is not always sunshine and roses but neither is any other method of family planning (artificial or natural). The reason we chose, and continue to choose, NFP is because we believe the best thing for our bodies, and our relationship, is to use our own natural signs of fertility.

We want this site to be a resource for those wondering about natural family planning (NFP) perhaps for the first time, as well as for those who have been using it for years. The medical community is, unfortunately, not always a reliable resource for NFP and no one makes money by publishing studies on its effectiveness. Our hope is that this site can help provide a little more information about why it works and how. We want to be another voice in a world that is beginning to question why pills, devices, and surgeries are the only options offered.

Rita is a Certified Creighton Model Fertility Care instructor. If you would like to find out more about what that is she is happy to talk with you. Click below to schedule a free phone consultation!

Our hope is that through our site you will find resources, and conversations, that help you discover God’s plan for marriage and your sexuality in a world hungry for more.

Every woman deserves a healthy cycle!

We believe all women deserve to have a healthy cycle: free from pills, devices, and most importantly, pain and problematic symptoms.

You are beautifully and wonderfully made!

Through NFP (FABMs) we want women to understand that they are not broken but are beautifully and wonderfully made. Women were created to be life giving nurturers, and that is implanted in the very fibers of their being.

Enriched understanding of ourselves and each other

By understanding the woman’s body couples can better understand their relationship with one another.

Let them speak for us!

Rita is amazing and really helps personalize your sessions to your needs.
Rita deserves at least a 10* rating but a 5 is as high as it will let me go. Her sweet, compassionate and optimistic personality makes her more than just a fertility care practitioner. My husband and I felt comfortable from the start and after our first meeting with her, we immediately saw how confident she is about the CM System. She is passionate about helping couples understand the woman's cycle and I really like how she includes my husband in the meetings as well. She works around our schedules and always takes time with us to make sure we both understand everything we went over. Rita is simply the best and I'd recommend her time and time again!
Lisa and Michael