High Quality Supplements

I don’t always recommend supplements. Honestly, I prefer to have clients eat a well balanced diet with plenty of colors in it to be sure they get a good mix of different vitamins & minerals. The added benefit of getting our nutrients through food is that they often are the perfect mix of enzymes that you need to be able to break down those vitamins and minerals. However, to speed up a healing journey, or to add back in what has been lost due to poor soil conditions our food is grown in, supplements become a useful tool.

However, not all supplements are created equal! Chemical synthetic versions of supplements, which our bodies are not able to break down, are not going to help us make up for a depletion. To contrast that, high quality supplements are made from food sources and have very few fillers.

Additionally, supplements are not regulated by the FDA. Each individual supplement company is bound by the FD&C to ensure their supplements ensure the ingredients they list and are not in violation of some law.1 But some companies elect to undergo additional screening from a third part source ensuring that they hold themselves to high testing standards.

NutriDyn dispensary

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