Did you know we used to be Farmers?

This is a throw back post. Our family used to own a small farm when we lived in Michigan before moving to northern Kentucky. It’s amazing how much life can change in such a little bit of time. We now live in a subdivision in the outskirts of a relatively big city and enjoy it. But we still have the same desires to eat the way we did back then. I marvel at the journey my life has taken from living on a farm and providing all our own. Then fast forward to now helping people learn to let food be their medicine, while getting to the root cause of health issues.

Enjoy this post from our farm blog, 2014.

I was making Easter breakfast for my family yesterday. Amidst the chaos of corralling three sweet tornados, packing for a day trip with family, getting ready for church, and trying to wake up, I found myself reflecting a little on the way our food has changed over the past 8 years Ben and I have been married. When we first got married we were definitely not foodies by any definition. We would eat frugally and that is the only link left to the way we ate then versus the way we eat now. It was freezer aisle pot pies, cereal, crescent rolls, and white bread. We still giggle about how one of our first arguments was in the milk aisle when Ben wanted to buy whole milk and I wanted skim. I just shake my head at my former self and how little I knew about food and nutrition.


Fast forward to the present, yesterday as I was making the coffee with our Chemex and lamenting that I didn’t have time the day before to roast the coffee beans. Back then I thought good coffee was Folgers with Coffeemate creamer and sugar. Now we use a Chemex to brew our freshly ground organic coffee beans, which we sometimes roast with a popcorn popper. Then drink it with some half and half mixed fresh from our raw milk.

As we sat down at the table we said the meal prayer and divided up the plates for the little ones. It was delicious and simple. Pastured uncured baconĀ from another small farm we like to buy from when our meat stores run out. Eggs from our own pastured organic hens. Strawberry jam that I canned last summer on top of our very special Easter treat, gluten free english muffins. To top it all off lactic cheese that hung over night and was ready to be eaten.


It was delicious! I still can’t believe we had bacon leftovers. What a blessing to share a beautifully simple feast with the family God gave us. And what a blessing that we are able to live frugally in other areas so that we feel as if we are eating like kings.

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