Nutritional Therapy & FertilityCare

What could diet, nutrition, and general lifestyle habits possibly have to do with charting and fertility? Aren’t our stomach and our reproductive organs two entirely different things? How could they possibly impact each other? I know I have a little issue with my energy levels, discomfort with my digestion, PMS, (insert symptom here) but what does that have to do with my fertility?

In FertilityCare we prioritize getting to the root cause of reproductive health issues. We always strive to seek the root cause of whatever it is a woman comes to us with. For example, when a woman tells us they have been struggling with infertility we don’t simply say let’s try to force it some other way. NaPro along with the Creighton Model, which together make up the paradigm of FertilityCare, will take an in-depth look at a woman’s reproductive health. Using the charting as a diagnostic tool, a NaPro trained medical consultant may use cooperate progesterone, supplements to improve mucus production (which is imperative to conception), or other tools that they have in their tool kit to help a couple dig deeper into what is causing their infertility. Or other women’s health issues. (Always remember fertility is a sign of health!) Similarly, if a woman comes to us with PMS symptoms we will not prescribe the birth control pill which can only alleviate symptoms (it cannot actually solve problems). Instead we strive to dig deeper into what is causing the PMS symptoms. Is it hormonal? Could it be a result of irregularly short post peak phases?

Well what if your PMS is the result of hormone health being off because your body is under a constant state of inflammation? Or your body isn’t able to make it’s own sex hormones because you are not properly absorbing all the vitamins and minerals in your diet? Or those critial vitamins and minerals are missing in your diet? Nutritional Therapy seeks to dig deeper into health issues from a slightly different, but very connected, angle. While learning the charting and unearthing symptoms that are being brought to the light through the chart we can also meet to discuss: your diet, food sensitivities, lifestyle factors, environment, how your sleep (or lack of) may play a part in health, and a myriad of other symptoms that are meaningful for your overall health. This may include things that you may have never realized are  connected to your fertility.

I am so excited to be incorporating Nutritional Therapy into my FertilityCare practice! This training will give me additional tools to be able to work with clients holistically on a level I have not been able to until now! I graduate in November and will have more information on what it will look like to meet with me for Nutritional Therapy as the time draws near. Until then I’m happy to meet with you for FertilityCare needs.

For more information on what it looks like to learn the Creighton Model charting check out my page: Divine Mercy FertilityCare. Or to meet with me for Nutritional Therapy check out this page!


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