Stories of Hope

Today we are kicking off a new blog segment called Stories of Hope. Infertility is a lonely road with a lot of uncertainty and even more questions. I have asked my clients who have come out of it on the other side, with a baby in their arms, to share with the rest of you their stories of healing and hope! They too have felt how you feel right now. Unsure of the future, tired of doctors appointments, and prescriptions, discouraged every month as a new cycle begins.

Never forget in the midst of your infertility journey how important it is to remain positive. It will impact your cycles if you let the stress of your journey impact your mental health. Becoming more high strung is going to throw your hormones out of whack, also it will wreck havoc on your marriage. So when you feel overwhelmed, come visit the blog and these beautiful testimonies of hope. Share your story too, and you may find that walking this road alongside of someone else, may help your burden not feel so heavy. In the Christian journey we are told to lay down our burdens at the foot of our Savior, I have found this is always easier to do when we do not walk alone.

Please enjoy Shannon’s beautiful story. And if you feel called to share your story please message me.

Our NaPro Baby

Our baby story starts with 12 years of hormonal birth control, 4 years of infertility, 2 miscarriages, 4 failed inter-uterine inseminations and more than a dozen cycles of progesterone and Clomid. Finally, my husband Joe and I chose to let it all go and follow a path of adoption. Neither of us was comfortable with pursuing in-vitro knowing the decisions we would have to make that went against our belief in life at conception. We waited for about a year and ½ before we brought our oldest daughter, Ashlynn, home. Shortly before our match with her we became more involved in pro-life ministry and volunteering at a pregnancy care center. It was through following a few of the leaders in the pro-life movement on Facebook that I came across a post about using NaPro and Creighton to either avoid or assist with becoming pregnant. I also was excited about the idea of finally understanding my PCOS cycles and learning about my body. I made an appointment with a NaPro doctor and also with a Fertility Care specialist that she recommended. Within a month, before I even finished one cycle of tracking, I was pregnant for the first time in more than 5 years. Unfortunately, we lost our baby at 12 weeks due to a trisomy 21 chromosomal abnormality. After our third pregnancy loss, I thought we would never carry a baby to term. But the Lord had other plans for us! With the recommendation of the NaPro doctor I was seeing, I started taking a myo-inositol supplement and on the next cycle I was pregnant again. With the exception of low progesterone, and supplementing with the NaPro progesterone protocol my whole pregnancy, it was very normal and I carried my baby to nearly 42 weeks gestation. Our sweet girl, Claire, was born to a 38-year-old mama who never thought she would be giving birth. What a blessing NaPro and Creighton has been to us! I do believe that the Lord opens and closes the womb, but we will continue to use the Creighton method to understand my cycles and hopefully be blessed with another addition to our family!

What a blessing NaPro and Creighton has been to us!

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