Mind Over Myths: The Facts that Helped Me Choose Creighton

Hey everyone! My name is Kelsey and I’m super passionate about the Creighton Model! Learning the method has helped me have a more positive relationship with my body, with my husband, and it helps me live out my faith and values. At this time in our marriage, my husband and I use the Creighton model to avoid pregnancy, however, we look forward to one day using it to achieve pregnancy. I’m excited to be here sharing my journey with you!

Many young women, such as myself, have been taught that there are only two options for avoiding pregnancy: hormonal birth control and condoms. However, the long-term negative side effects coupled with the disconnect between these options and God’s design for marriage left me feeling unsettled as my husband and I prepared for marriage. After much research about natural methods of birth control, I happened to become acquainted with the Creighton model. For the first time I was given the perspective that my fertility was something that could be embraced and worked with, instead of suppressed and despised.

While I was very drawn to Creighton, and devoted time researching the ins and outs of the method, I was hesitant to jump in and begin practicing it. Questions such as, “Can I really abstain from intercourse as a newlywed?” “What if I have an irregular cycle?” “Is this something Casey would be okay with?” and “Does this really work?” nagged at me. However, after learning the honest answers to these questions, and practicing the method myself, I can confidently say that the Creighton model has changed my life and my marriage for the better.

So let’s debunk some Myths!

  1. “The last thing you (and your husband) will want to do as newlyweds is abstain during the fertile window.”
    This argument is one that I believed before I was married, and one that I hear most often from women who aren’t married. It is tough to imagine that after remaining pure for months, and even years of a dating relationship, and finally getting to fully enjoy one another, you and your spouse will be okay with taking days off. But, the first time you actually do it you learn that it is in this period that you learn how to truly care for the needs of your spouse and spend time investing in them emotionally. Creighton has this fancy little acronym called “SPICE” to dig deeper into your marriage at this time, and trust me, it does spice things up in a good way.
  2. “I can’t use Creighton with an irregular cycle.”
    Before I started charting with Creighton, my cycles seemed unpredictable and unmanageable. Monitoring them definitely seemed to me to be the last way to tell if I was fertile or not at any given day. Once I began charting, however,  I realized that my cycles are not only totally normal, they’re also easy to follow, and can be trusted in determining my fertility. It’s also good to know that charting with Creighton includes meeting with a FertilityCare Practitioner, who is trained to help you navigate and interpret what your mucus is telling you. You may even learn that your cycle reveals, or is related to, some other health issue you are experiencing!
  3. “There’s no way my husband wants to hear about my mucus.”
    While it is a little awkward at first practicing the Creighton model, which places emphasis on the couple’s fertility as opposed to the woman’s fertility, grows your marriage. When both partners are responsible for making wise decisions and get to do it together, you grow in your ability to trust and love one another.
  4. “It doesn’t work.”
    Rita has talked about this in a previous post, but the Creighton model is 96.8% effective (even when accounting for human error!). On the other hand, oral hormonal birth control (the pill) is only about 91% effective, and condoms are only about 85% effective. Even beyond these facts, these options aren’t really a consideration for people like me who believe they go beyond God’s design for marriage. The statistical data, along with the incorporation of faith, shows that the Creighton model really does work.

There are the 4 myths that I needed to overcome to commit to Creighton. I hope that this post presents the facts that allows you to do the same.

Are there any myths that you can especially relate to? Or one myth that I didn’t dive into here? Leave a comment below!

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