A New Venture

This year has been a whole lot of new for our family. New job for my husband, new state, new neighborhood, new friends, new church, new, new, new. So why not heap on a little more new. We are beginning a new venture branching out into the world wide web. Our hope for this site is not yet fully realized but we pray the Lord will bless it and we may help some people understand a little more the beautiful gift of fertility they have been given. For those who struggle with fertility, hyper-fertile or infertile, our hope is that you will find consolation and something new that might help you in your journey.


We are Ben and Rita Johnson, we’ve been married for 12 years with four sweet babies at our side. Natural family planning (NFP) has been a passion of our since our engagement 13 years ago. Our belief is that NFP is the healthiest way to plan a family. It will strengthen your marriage in ways you cannot imagine and ask you to look deep inside and grow in virtue. NFP is not always sunshine and roses but neither is any other method of family planning (artificial or natural). The reason we chose, and continue to choose, NFP is because we believe the best thing for our bodies, and our relationship, is to use our own natural signs of fertility.


We want this site to be a resource for those wondering about natural family planning (NFP) perhaps for the first time, as well as for those who have been using it for years. The medical community is, unfortunately, not always a reliable resource for NFP and no one makes money by publishing studies on its effectiveness. Our hope is that this site can help provide a little more information about why it works and how. We want to be another voice in a world that is beginning to question why pills, devices, and surgeries are the only options offered.


Our hope is that through our site you will find resources, and conversations, that help you discover God’s plan for marriage and your sexuality in a world hungry for more.  

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