Know Your Body

Find out how FertilityCare can help you.

FertilityCare is a science-based family planning method that works with your body to achieve pregnancy, avoid pregnancy, or get to the bottom of reproductive health problems. FertilityCare is for all women (married, single, engaged) at all different stages of their fertility. Whether they are beginning cycles, in regular cycles, or in premenopausal. FertilityCare can help you!

Easily Reversible

Whether you’ve decided you’re ready for a baby or now is not the time, Natural Family Planning, and FertilityCare, can work with your fertility to immediately work towards your goals. Even if it changes from one month to the next!

Cost Effective

Using FertilityCare can save you thousands of dollars as a natural alternative to Invitro Fertilization (IVF).  If you are trying to avoid pregnancy, there are no pills or barrier methods to buy.

100% Natural

No hormones, no devices, no barriers.  Natural Family Planning, and FertilityCare, meets your needs without introducing artificial components to your body.

If FertilityCare is so great, why haven't I heard of it before?

FertilityCare is growing in popularity, but you are still not being taught about it at most doctor's offices. You may have heard of Natural Family Planning (NFP) and Fertility Awareness Methods (FAMs) from friends who are looking for more than barriers and devices to cover up health issues they are having. FertilityCare is a specific method. So let's clear up some misconceptions you may have about these alternative natural methods.

NFP (FAM's) are not the old rhythm method! Check out this article that explains the science behind natural methods.

There are lots of statistics that prove that natural methods are just as effective as anything on the market you can purchase. But don't just take our word for it!

Already using NFP or looking to walk your journey with others at your side? Check out our blog for more support and answers to specific questions!

Your body is listening to everything your mind says!

Did you know we used to be Farmers?

What is different about FertilityCare and Nutritional Therapy?

How can NFP help me?

If you are trying to achieve a pregnancy, charting for your health, currently avoiding a pregnancy (or even permanently) NFP can be the right choice for you! As you learn more about your signs of fertility you can gain new insights into underlying health problems, or enrich your relationship as you learn more about your cycles and signs of fertility.

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